Can Kidney Infection Cause Back Trouble?

Published: 20th June 2011
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Do you know that your back stiffness may have a link with your kidney too? It has been discovered that if somebody experiences pain close to the kidney area then it could be a serious kidney infection instead of just back stiffness. The discomfort caused by kidney infection is somehow similar to back agony. A few individuals misunderstand kidney infection for sciatica.

Your kidneys have been placed just above your hips on each side of the backbone. Because of this position, whenever there's discomfort due to an infection in this part of your body it moves on to the lumbar region. This is why it is known as referred discomfort and why folk confuse it with back stiffness. The positioning of the kidneys makes it tricky to differentiate sciatic pain from a major kidney infection.

But there are techniques to figure out whether you are essentially going thru an infection or simply ordinary back pain. You must be conscious towards the pain and keep an eye on it. The discomfort caused by kidney infection hits you instantly and you'll have a pain attack in only a few minutes. Also, it will be gone in minutes and you won't even remember it once your medicine is over. From another viewpoint, if it is purely back pain, you will have it even after the infection has been well dealt with.

Another way to distinguish between kidney infection and back trouble is to keep an eye out for the symptoms. In case of an infection, you will suffer with high fever, blood in the pee, unpleasant pissing and even chills. On the contrary you will not have any of these symptoms if it is bare back pain.

Where is the pain located is the next factor that can help you decide if it's the kidney infection causing it or something else. Pain caused as a result of kidney infection is usually concentrated to over the lower back. The pain happens above the waist and under the ribs on either or both the sides of the backbone. If it is the kidney infection causing the pain, you will experience shooting agony if the kidneys are pressed during the examination.

Nonetheless if your back pain is a consequence of other considerations such as a twisted muscle or soreness of any nerve like the sciatic nerve, then discomfort is limited to only a selected area. This type of agony usually worsens with movement. Nevertheless it reduces when you're taking rest. If your back stiffness has similar nature, you can easily cross out the chance of kidney infection.

These are one or two basic criterions that will help you tell the difference between kidney infection and back trouble. But if you're unable to interpret the symptoms, ensure that you visit a doctor at the earliest.

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